Automate Grading & Personalize Feedback.

OK autogrades programming assignments, facilitates submission,
composition feedback, and analytics for your class.

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Used by courses with millions of submissions

Personalized feedback

View student solutions and leave comments on how to improve their style. You can put the pen & paper away and digitize feedback.

Realtime assignment statistics

Find out what questions students are working on, how many students are done, and which students have not started with detailed statistics.

Grading with one click

With a language agnostic autograder, you can grade your assignments by simply specifying a command to run. We'll handle the infrastructure so you can focus on teaching.

Built for instructors

Improve your progamming assignments with these OK Features

Plagarism Detection

Find Online Solutions

Late Submissions

Group Assignments

Drag & Drop Uploads

Jupyter Notebook Submission

Assignment Bank

Canvas LMS Integration

... and many more

Pricing: Free

Use our hosted service for free if you teach a computer science or data science course at an accredited school.

Open Source

The source code for OK is available on GitHub. You can run an instance of OK on your own servers.

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We built OK to improve computer science and data science courses.
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